Scrum Master

The Scrum Master course introduces project managers to the concepts and frameworks of best-work practices for Agile and Scrum.

Agile project management is best fitted for complex projects that require step-by-step delivery and confirmation of the deliverables in terms of quality and scope.

To uphold the demand for flexibility, fast response and adaptability as the project details may change actively, ScrumMaster provides an efficient solution to eliminating roadblocks and facilitating processes with the possibility to work closely with the product owner.


As Certified ScrumMasters, we deliver the knowledge behind the Scrum Methodology while also adding our invaluable experience of working closely with project owners and how to handle a fast-paced environment.


The ScrumMaster course includes:

  • Scrum framework and activities related to agile project management
  • Scaling Scrum for tailored business needs
  • Practical Scrum exercises that mimic real-life project responsibilities
  • Complete access to local project manager groups
  • 2 Years Scrum Alliance membership